You might be wondering why WordPress is hands-down the best option for your small business website, when there are so many options, platforms, frameworks, and website builders out there. We’re going to go over a few reasons why in this blog post.

1. WordPress is Infinitely Scalable and Flexible

What do we mean by that? While WordPress is perfect for your typical 5-page small business website, it’s also great for a huge, high-traffic website. For example, TechCrunch,, and Verizon Fios, are some examples of big business websites built in WordPress. Many more large corporations and organizations use WordPress for the blog portion of their website, including Walmart, Yelp, Microsoft, Zillow, Harvard, and more.

The reason WordPress can grow with your business so well is that while it already comes packed with most of the core features you need to run your website, you can easily customize it to fit your needs. There are many free and paid plugins that add essential functionality for all sorts of websites, and there is tons of documentation out there on how to create custom plugins so that no matter what you need, you can build it in WordPress.

Another reason WordPress is so scalable is that it’s very reliable and secure. Years ago, WordPress had a reputation for being hacked easily, and being very inefficient with resources. That became a focus for WordPress developers and now, assuming you set it up and manage it properly, it’s very secure. As for performance, with the right optimization and infrastructure, WordPress sites can load lickety-split, even under high traffic demand.

2. WordPress is Cost Effective

Cost is always a concern. Whether you’re just starting a personal blog or are getting your business online, WordPress itself costs nothing, and it’s compatible with pretty much every web hosting provider out there. When you choose North Bay Websites for your website, we host your website on our top-shelf server platform that is specifically optimized for WordPress, but if you’re building your own website, you can pick almost any hosting company or pick from a variety of managed WordPress hosts.

And if you can’t afford a professionally designed and developed website from someone like North Bay Websites (although our pricing is so low, you probably can!), you can start with millions of free themes and plugins to make your website the way you want it. Of course, down the road you can always choose to have your website done professionally, but if you’re on a super tight budget, you can’t beat free.

WordPress isn’t just free, it’s open-source. That means you’ll never have to worry about license keys or free trials or anything. It’s free now, and it’ll be free tomorrow and next week, too. Oh, and next year.

3. WordPress is Well Documented

We’ve already touched on this, but one of the best things about WordPress being such a popular open-source software means that there are endless tutorials on pretty much anything you might be trying to figure out how to do in WordPress. has great documentation, but there are so, so many great articles and videos online from third-party people that can explain anything to you.


There are many more reasons that we build every client website in WordPress – these are just our top three reasons. Interested in a custom WordPress website for your business by North Bay Websites? Check out our affordable Plans and Pricing!